Lymphedema Therapy

Living with Lymphedema.

Lymphedema is a long term condition and you will have to change your lifestyle in certain ways to cope with it. Once you make those changes , you will be able to live an
almost normal life without too many restrictions .

What the causes are of Lymphedema.

Lymphedema – It’s cause and how to manage it.

Fluid is known as lymph fluid or lymph and in contrast to blood – is colourless both veins and lymph vessels have the job of removing waste substances . The veins cannot do this alone , as some substances can only be removed by lymph particular larger molecules such as proteins. The lymph system has other functions , such as a role in the body’s immune defense system. It is clear that damage to the lymphatic system will mean that proteins and tissue fluid simply remain where they are in the tissues between the cells. The result swelling of tissues caused by accumulation of lymph tissue fluid known as LYMPHEDEMA . Untreated Lymphedema also show similarities of inflammation and if not treated Lymphedema increases and the skin becomes more susceptible to bacteria infection such as erysipelas and to fungal infections. These infections worsen the lymphatic system and worsen the Lymphedema setting off a vicious cycle , the sooner you begin a suitable program of therapy, the better are your prospects of preventing disease progression and of improving your condition .

Management of Lymphedema: CDP
Complex Decongestive Physiotherapy consists of two phases edema reduction and maintenance
Phase 1  – the aim is to achieve the best possible result in terms of reducing the swelling.
Phase 2  – Is to maintain and improve the situation to existing fibrosis and sclerosis.

There are four elements of CDP

  • skin care
  • Manual Lymph drainage (MLD)
  • Compression therapy
  • Exercise therapy